Using Digital Innovations to Provide Affordable and Accessible Care

Brillio One Health helps healthcare organizations across the globe convert digital disruptions into solutions that can position payers and providers ahead of the curve. Our human-centric approach, including design and consulting-led programs, deep industry expertise, and proven product engineering excellence, enables our customers to be early adopters of new digital technologies.


Value-Based Care

Empower payers and providers in developing innovative solutions, creating resilient infrastructure, and helping reduce the cost of care for consumers.

Member Experiences

Reimagine customer experience through a connected ecosystem of care. Drive digital member experiences through digital transformation, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring in partnership with industry leaders.

Cloud in Healthcare

Accelerate innovation and modernize payer and provider business models with Multi-Cloud Platform Strategy and Product Engineering.

Smart Payer

Transform payer and provider data assets using ML to drive actionable insights and predictive outcomes across the healthcare value chain.

Operational Transformation

Platform modernization for payers and providers and digital transformation of operations.

Healthcare Solutions

Member Experience

Omnichannel architecture to provide a seamless, personalized experience throughout the entire care journey.

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Interoperability and Consent Management

Patient data management for payers and providers through interoperable solutions. Managing patient data through integrated consent management for more efficient access.

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Payer Competitive Pricing – Price Transparency

Develop pricing and contracting strategies with a combination of proprietary tools and modeling methodologies with industry and technical expertise for a competitive edge.

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Claims Automation and Fallout

End-to-end automation for claims systems to seamlessly connect to payer organization for claims routing via a single point of connectivity.

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Secure Access

Implement Zero-Trust secure access solutions that are tailored made to address the unique needs of large hospitals. Empowered with AI and ML to be more accessible for practitioners.

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Revenue Cycle Management

AI/ML enabled solutions to help providers manage and track their revenue streams in a value-based care model. Platforms provide seamless integration for payer-provider interactions and help manage patient billing.

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Document Automation

NLP solution for accurate reading and processing of handwritten notes and printouts. Automated processes improved accuracy for seamless data submission for payers or customers.

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Our Healthcare Team

Avantika Sharma

Global Healthcare Lead

Hanna Aljaliss

Healthcare CTO

Rajesh Ramakumar

Healthcare Consulting Lead, India

Ashok Venkatraman

Strategic Client Executive, US

Karthik G V

Healthcare Chief Architect